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About us

About us

After a 15 year career in the music industry, Maya knows what it takes to be an icon. Making a statement with every look and never being afraid of being who you are was never an easy job, but with her unique style alongside with a will so strong and powerful, she knew that nothing is impossible. Throughout the years, makeup became one of the most important ways of expressing her inner sparkle that followed all changes of her style. Maya, as the icon she is today, leads beauty trends like her famous white eyeliner that is a key part of routine among many of us.

And that’s why when it comes to beauty, we believe there should be no compromise.

At Maya Beauty Line, we believe that beauty comes in many forms but it is always within each of us. For us, luxury cosmetics doesn’t mean being expensive or heavy but luxury is cruelty-free makeup of the finest blend with light weighted ingredients that are must haves in everyone’s everyday routines.

We celebrate each individual who is fearless yet not reckless. Individuals who are not afraid to have self-expression wherever they go, who always seeks for the best and support the environment.

So feel free to be all you ever wanted – because the star is you.